Friday, April 24, 2009


There once was a movie that could, and it was called "Fatal Attraction"
There once was a movie that couldn't, it they called "Swimfan"
Then there was a movie that shouldn't, and its name was "Obsessed"

Staring Beyoncé Knowles (you may know her from, "music") and Ali Larter (from, "nothing really worth meantioning for the last few years") comes a story about a woman obsessed, and a woman scorn, and a cat fight, and a wife out to regain... and so on blah blah...
Obsessed opens today, if you didn't pick that up from the 2 hour special TBS did on it last night. Whereby making it one of the most advertised rehashes in a while, and a movie with better previews than content. ...and that is the pinch and twist of it.

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