Thursday, April 23, 2009

"The Knowing"-Movie review


Hollywood has a throng of celebrities at their disposal when a big budget film needs a well known face to boost the chance of a profit. Samuel L. Jackson, Matthew Mcconaughey and Brad Pitt, are actors that are called upon to carry the weight of films, when they are encumbered by predictable storylines and z-list actors. In “The Knowing” the producers chose Nicholas Cage, a tried and true veteran of the suspense genre. The rest of the cast are relatively unknown and are hardly worth mentioning, except perhaps as a model for those attempting to learn poor acting skills. The Special effects in this film are breathtakingly realistic and perhaps the only saving grace within its one hour and fifty five minute run time. I have yet to see a more impressive train wreck on film,(double entendre?) and the only plane crash that can hold a candle to the one in this movie, is the one featured in “lost”.

The studio enlisted the directing duties of Alex Proyas, who has directed notable films in the past, such as “I,Robot” and “The Crow”. All in all, this movie is predictable, (especially if you’ve seen the trailer) it leaves you emotionally stranded, and it will leave your wallet suffering from buyer’s remorse. If you don’t care about an engaging story, dialogue delivered by actors with a sense of human emotion, or knowing the ending before the movie even starts, than this is the movie to see…

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