Friday, April 24, 2009

"Doves- Kingdom of Rust"

Jez Williams(Guitar, Vocals), his brother Andy Williams(Drums, Vocals) and Jimi Goodwin(Bass, Vocals, Guitar) are the three musicians behind the inspiring and earthy sounds found on "Kingdom Of Rust", the title track and first single from the bands fourth studio album.
My attention was caught by the indie rock three piece, whilst surfin' the world wide web for tattoo ideas. For once, my wavering attention span led me somewhere other than a porn site and for that I am grateful...

For tour and other important band info, visit their myspace page at:

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  1. ugh, sounds like a bunch of yuppie, trust-fund boys decided that getting hammered on daddy's dollar wasn't the only way to look like a bunch of douches and decided starting a band, with faux-meaningful lyrics could do the trick as well.