Friday, July 4, 2008

In case you were wondering...

This is a big weekend for me.

I'm stuck inside the extended stay America hotel, room 112 in San Fernando, California all by myself with no car and only a Target within walking distance. I will be documenting my insanity via my space bulletins.

I woke up this morning at the crack of 11, with the song "I feel like dying" stuck in my head still. The room was hot and almost swamp like, as i forgot to leave the cooler on last night. I promptly got up and began pacing around the room singing a few mixed up lines from an usher song they played last night. Around the time i made my second pass in front of the t.v. I heard a knock at the wall. Kat's room! I forgot for a moment that she left with the others yesterday and ran and knocked on her door. A huge Arab man opened the door and i explained my mistake as cool as possible, however in the excitement i left my key inside my room and was locked out.

After a few phone calls and a bitchy desk attendant I was allowed back into my room. I am now 3 hours , 4.5 cups of coffee , 2 bathroom trips and 7 Boca burgers in to my adventure. Unless I did my math wrong i am also 66 hours away from getting out and back to work. We can do this.


  1. Go for the gold, kid!

  2. I having same like that experience when i went to stay in that hotel. i never forget that experience in my life time.

  3. I've locked myself out of hotel room before and the desk clerks can be a real pain about it. It was even the person that checked me in and gave me extra towels.