Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Matt and Kim

Who: Matt and Kim

What: Lessons Learned

Where: Brooklyn, NY or MySpace

Why: Because damn it, I love them! I found this little gem of a band while watching t.v. one night and a Bacardi Mojito commercial came on, I sort of tuned it out but the song playing in the background was so catchy. I made it my mission to find out who it was, and much to Bacardi's disappointment not to get wasted. I did and after some digging found that this was no one hit band, no sir, Matt and Kim have a world of wonderful, minimal, joyous tunes that even a metal head like me can chew on and enjoy. I also think that it is worth mentioning, because I am a consumer, that their merch is pretty cool. Thats about the pinch, twist and pull of it kids. Keep it nude!

1 comment:

  1. Weird video.... but really cool song!