Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Paul Blart: Mall Cop" Dvd release/review

From the production company that brought you "Grandma's Boy", "Anger Management", and "50 First Dates", comes the surprisingly funny comedy, about an overweight mall cop. Kevin James plays the hypoglycemic Blart, who has failed on several occasions to pass the police academy's obstacle course, due to complications that arose due to his disease... Hence his ten year employment as mall security.
This movie is a playful spoof on the "Diehard" movie franchise, with plenty of explosions, raining shards of glass and misguided gunfire. My single complaint, is that there wasn't gratuitous nudity... I'm sure my male counterparts can sympathize. Thankfully, the flick compensates with a solid comedic performance provided by Kevin James, and most of the rest of the cast... Well, some of the rest of the cast. Ok... So the rest of the cast delivered their lines with the personality of a jedi council member, but that doesn't stop most of the movie from being entertaining and definitely worth watching if you are as big a fan of "King of Queens" as I am.

Because there is simply nothing better to give away this month, We here at Mental Nudity, have decided to give you guys an opportunity to win this fine cinematic expose of comedy... All you have to do is guess the number we are thinking of between one and one thousand.

The contest ends when we receive an email with the correct number, and each contestant is only allowed one guess per day until the contest is over... unless you have multiple e-mail address's...Cheater.

I'll give you guys a hint... It's not one.
Keep it real and keep it nude...


  1. King of Queens rocks! Kevin James will always be Doug to me, can he actually play another character?

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  3. What I meant to say was... I don't think he has, they just changed his name to paul for this movie. Geez, you'd think that as a writer I'd have some sense of grammatical correctness. Is correctness even a word?

  4. I don't like this "Vanzy" guy....

  5. He is kind of a douche huh? Why do we let trash like him write anything for this blog?